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Asperger's Is Manageable Brand Identity & Social Media Design 

Aspergers Social Media Mockup.png

Create a brand campaign that raises awareness for asperger’s. The campaign needs to have both an emphasis on awareness and also debunking misconceptions and stereotypes that surround adults with aspergers. There should be a light-hearted tone and also show that people with aspergers are more than their diagnosis. The campaign should include social media, a logo and name, and ideas for merchandise.


I did research on just about everything related to asperger’s from behaviors and symptoms to challenges and strengths that come along with it, and information that normally is overlooked about asperger’s. Since the focus was on creating a social media presence, I looked at how other mental health organizations set up their online presence, mainly Instagram. My color palette is based on colors that have a relaxing and happy tone to them. As a way to distinguish this brand from other Autism and Asperger’s organizations, I opted not to include the common puzzle piece as part of the logo.


For the finished campaign, the brand AIM (Asperger’s Is Manageable) was created along with an Instagram profile, a logo, and merchandise with the logo on it. There are posts and videos about “Atypical Spotlight” which is when someone with Asperger’s is featured on the page and shares their experiences having Asperger’s and what they’re doing to help support. There are post’s that deliver facts on challenges and strengths that are part of asperger’s as well as posts about autism and asperger’s related organizations.

AIM Instagram Account
Aria Morrison Atypical Spotlight
Tana Rogers Atypical Spotlight
Cameron Wright Atypical Spotlight 1
Cameron Wright Atypical Spotlight 2
Cameron Wright Atypical Spotlight 3
Cameron Wright Atypical Spotlight 4
Aspergers Awareness Day Instagram Post
Merch sneak peak
Merch sneak peak3
Merch sneak peak
Merch sneak peak4
AIM Logo
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