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Asperger's Is Manageable Brand Identity & Social Media Design 

Aspergers Social Media Mockup.png


Create an effective brand identity and social media presence for AIM, an asperger’s awareness account. The brand identity should consist of a logo and a color palette, that can work across multiple social media posts and possibly merchandise. Design social media posts that are fun and engaging while providing informational value. The social media posts should reflect a strategy to drive engagement; ie. posting schedule, a common theme, ideas for what to post, etc. There should also be possible ideas for merchandise that can be viewed and purchased through the social media account.   


I researched information about Asperger’s not just the difficulties and hardships, but also fun facts and strengths that come along with it. For the design of the social media, I viewed pinterest for inspiration on not just social media design, but also designs that are visually appealing and contain information easy to understand. I based my color palette off of a mix of saturated warm and cool colors. The logo design drew inspiration from an existing typeface that I later edited in Adobe Illustrator to give it less of a serious tone.


The finished social media design consists of posts that have people as the focus with bright colors to make them more appealing and also stand out through the mindless scrolling. The strategy demonstrates the idea of “Atypical Spotlight” where someone with Asperger’s is featured on the account and able to briefly share their story. This segment should be done every other week. Other posts include talking about the challenges and strengths that come with having asperger’s, instagram takeovers, and daily stories. The goal is to post at least four times a day and five stories each day. The finished merchandise are caps and mugs with the AIM logo.

AIM Instagram Account
Aria Morrison Atypical Spotlight
Tana Rogers Atypical Spotlight
Cameron Wright Atypical Spotlight 1
Cameron Wright Atypical Spotlight 2
Cameron Wright Atypical Spotlight 3
Cameron Wright Atypical Spotlight 4
Aspergers Awareness Day Instagram Post
Merch sneak peak
Merch sneak peak3
Merch sneak peak
Merch sneak peak4
AIM Logo
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