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MICA Brand Refresh & Market Launch 

MICA YouTube Home Mockup

As a team, design and implement a branding strategy that creates a more effective web presence that differentiates MICA from its competitors, while also attracts/converts targeted prospects so they can become customers. Mandatories include: company name, optional logo update and optional tagline. Brand positioning, supported by messaging & imagery, and an updated website design. Recommendations for integrated marketing strategy, to include thought leader initiative and paid online initiative.


My team and I first began by identifying the shortcomings that existed on the website and social media. We found that the social media lacked consistent posting and that there weren’t many posts that included people, more specifically current clients. The website had an outdated appearance and so did the company logo. We also came up with marketing strategies to cattr to MICA’s existing clients and attract their target audience.


My contribution was a redesign of MICA’s Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook as well as a more effective posting strategy. The redesign’s main focus was include more images of people. I designed new thumbnails that highlighted our strategy of featuring people within the YouTube videos and having someone be the face of the channel, rather than the videos being slideshow based. Twitter and Facebook also focus more on people (clients and members of the company) also posting content more frequently, at least once a week on YouTube and everyday on Facebook and Twitter. The color palette is consistent with the one chosen for the updated website and the social media features the new logo and tagline “Made by Doctors for Doctors Since 1976”.

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MICA YouTube
MICA YouTube
MICA YouTube
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