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Personal Journey Wall Chart

Poster Mockup.jpg

I was tasked with creating a wall chart that visually demonstrated a personal journey I took during a frequent amount of time. The completed wall chart needed to be printed in 28”x20” landscape or portrait, with a 1” white border. The finished piece should be coherent and clearly communicate the data while maintaining the graphic integrity.


I started by collecting both qualitative and quantitative data such as the number of people I saw, the types of workouts they did, the weather conditions outside, etc. I then proceeded to design visuals that illustrated this data such as thermostats that show the weather and temperature outside on each day, a pie chart in the form of a bench press weight that showed the percentages of types of workouts done, a mirror with silhouettes to show how many men and women I saw during this time period, etc. I based my color palette off of images from my mood board and also pictures of the Markin Fitness Center.  


The final design took the appearance of a fitness area’s interior. The total number of men and women seen during the time I recorded this data is represented as silhouettes with the respective gender symbols. The inner pie chart of the bench press shows the percentages of each type of workout done by other people, while the outer shows the comparison between solo and group workouts. I created phone screens to show the percentages of what people used to listen to music or if they did. The temperature outside during the week is represented in thermostat nests that show the day, temperature, weather conditions, and time of recording. I created a pictograph to show the comparison between the number of people who used insulated water bottles vs non-insulated bottles, and an office style water fountain to demonstrate how many people I saw drinking water vs not drinking water.

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