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TMS Realty
Logo Design

TMS Realty Logo Design

I was tasked with creating a logo for a realty company. The client wasn’t too particular with what they wanted the finished design to be, all they asked was that the colors purple and black be used and for the letter “T” to be shaped like a house. 


I began by researching logos that combined a single letter and a house. I later researched the different shades of purple used in other logos, and how they vary in hue and saturation. My initial sketches focused mainly on the design of the house and later determining how the letter “T” could be incorporated in a way that didn’t feel forced. Many of my sketches were of the “T” being shaped either as a house or an apartment building while others had the “T” designed more like a chimney to a house. An issue I saw when making my designs in illustrator was that they seemed flat and didn’t give the tone of a serious realtor. I solved this by adding highlights and shadows to the designs where they seemed appropriate.


I created 12 finished designs for the client to review and decide which they liked the most. Initially the client had a hard time deciding and wanted to use more than one design as their logo, but later settled on one. I prepared three versions of the logo for the client with one being for digital use and another being for printed use, with the last being a version without a background. I also created a brand guideline sheet with the typefaces and colors used, and mockups of business cards and envelopes with the newly created logo.

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