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Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami Infographic


National Geographic is doing a feature to mark the ten year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan and as part of this feature there needs to be a gatefold included with the magazine to create a visual narrative. This gatefold should include factual and measurable information about the events leading up to the earthquake and tsunami as well as any events that occurred due to a result. There should be minimal body text, only to reinforce the visuals.


I began by gathering information on the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, in addition to the nuclear fallout and displacement of residents. I collected data on a timeline of events beginning with when the earthquake first began and its magnitude, the time in which the first and second tsunami waves first struck leading up to the nuclear reactors failing and residents being forced to evacuate.


The final design was made as a gatefold style magazine spread. The spread communicates and explains all relevant information relating to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Important events are placed on a timeline along with dates and times, as well as symbols to further strengthen the impact. Information relating to casualties, financial impact, how this natural disaster compares to others is shown through different graphs along with text to further explain. Information on how the disaster began along with how recovery efforts are going 10 years later is shown as well.  

Tohoku Tsunami 10th Anniversary Spread
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