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Visual Voices Typographic Poster

Visual Voices Typographic Poster Mockup.jpg

Create a poster for a lecture series with typography as the emphasis. Typographic hierarchy should be considered when presenting the information. The poster must be easy to read and understand so the viewer can know who the main speakers will be. The poster should also demonstrate the excitement of contemporary design to an audience of students and designers. The finished poster should be 11”x17”, contain no photographs, but can utilize shapes and textures. The poster should use no more than five colors.  


I started by researching contemporary design posters on Pinterest to get a better understanding of what that style looks like. The examples I found played with the orientation of typography as a way of creating hierarchy with the information. The sketches I created drew inspiration from rotated text, but I quickly saw that understanding the information would be difficult. I instead decided to keep the text in normal orientation and looked for ways of creating a sense of movement. My color palette is based off of images from my moodcard.


The finished poster design has the information for each guest speaker aligned to the right, going down in a descending fashion similar to a staircase. This along with a slanted, rectangular aligned to the left of the speaker information creates a sense of movement within the poster. I used contrasting colors for the typography to establish hierarchy within the poster. 

Visual Voices Typographic Poster-02.png
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